Introduction to Marine Conservation Science

You can download the course presentations below.

On February 1-4, 2017, we tested out the short course that we developed, Introduction to Marine Conservation Science, at Mawlamyine University, for students and interested faculty in Marine Science, Zoology, and Botany.  While the topics covered in this short course include topics already included in the standard curricula, we developed interactive ways to teach these topics that the faculty said they very much enjoyed!

The most interactive part of this training was the Case Studies exercise on Day 4, where each group took on a case study and designed a research plan to conduct conservation-relevant research on the topic.

DOWNLOADABLE MATERIALS: PDFs of presentations (no notes included yet) (ENG) Some of the presentation might not make much sense without notes. We will work to add notes in the coming months!

IMCS2017_Day 1_What is Conservation

IMCS2017_Day 2_SppDiversityHabitatEcosystem

IMCS2017_Day 3_ThreatsApproaches

IMCS2017_Day 4_Communities (plus IMCS2017_Day 4_Case studies)

Explaining his group’s case study project
Outlining their case study project

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