Introduction to Science Writing

In November 2017, we held our first Introduction to Science Writing training at Mawlamyine University. All materials are available to download below.

This workshop was based on the Powerpoint presentation, but integrated interactive elements such as discussions and two main activities:

  1. Writing Map activity: Based on an open-access paper (Peckham et al. 2007, below), we had participants prepare an outline or a “writing map.” They were provided with the basic background of the Peckham et al. research paper, and were provided with exerpts (text, figures, tables) from the paper to place in the proper section in the writing map. They then discussed what additional information they could include in each section, and why. The goal: to show participants, using a real paper, the type of information that goes into each paper section, as well as to provide some guidance about how to read a scientific paper.
  2. Abstract or Conclusion?  Participants were provided with abstracts and conclusions from real academic papers, and had to identify whether each was an abstract or a conclusion. The goal: to help participants better understand the different objectives of the abstract and the conclusion section of papers.



Introduction to Science Writing (Powerpoint with notes) (ENG only)

Agenda for Science Writing Training

Some useful resources about science writing

For the Writing Map activity:

Abstract or Conclusion? MU Writing Workshop Activity 2_Abstract vs Conclusion




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